Published: 10th March 2016

Situated at the Ice Rosa Race Track in the midst of the Italian Alps could not of asked for a more beautiful location for SnowQuake 2016. Under the nomenclature SNOWQUAKE It was going to be an invitation only race co-hosted with the cool folks at Deus Milano. Limited to 30 entrants, no one had a clue about how to equip the bikes or how they would behave on the ice, but that was just the start of the fun part. Regulations said the way to go was to self-install 4 to 7mm studs on Knobby tires and preferably have the wheels covered for safety reasons.

One of the best qualities of Sideburn’s races is that they attract racers, weirdoes and aficionados from all over the world. As part of the 2nd kind, this time we loaded our bikes and joined the Sideburn Gang in the shadow side of Monte Rosa, which happens to be the second highest mountain in the Alps with its 4,637m, right after the omnipotent Mont Blanc. With temperatures well below -10˚C, even the oil in the front forks was frozen that day! The race was set up to kick off around 10:30am, but had to be delayed as by then still half of the bikes couldn’t even start! Dead batteries and temperamental ignitions were in rise due to the alpine cold. With standard frozen toes and finger tips you could see the biggest grins in and around the improvised paddock, where the Deus boys were serving hot wine and a nice chat.

The first time you hit the ice you get the sensation that you will not make it to the end of the first lap but that is only because you’re terrified & too damn slow. Once you start gaining self-confidence, push the throttle harder and get better inclination angles, the studs dig through and you get some awesome grip with a fabulous constant slide, parallel to no other feeling. Power sliding at its best. 

It features, everything from titanium connecting rods and ported cylinder heads to high-end Suspension with the K-Tech Razor Shock Absorber and KTR2 Front Forks, ISR brake calipers and rotors. For even more performance and weight savings, the bike is outfitted with carbon fiber trim, a titanium Asahina Racing exhaust, aluminum OVER Racing swingarm, OVER Racing rearsets, and Dymag wheels. All of this brings the Big Bad Wolf’s weight down to just 403 pounds.