Isle of Man TT - 2022

05 July 2022

After 3 long years of waiting for world affairs to settle, the Isle of Man TT returned this year inviting thousands of people from around the world to gather on the tiny island off the coast of Ireland to witness the most historic and thrilling motorcycle event in the world.

The course is 37.73 miles of tarmac, ranging from wide-open sweeping roads over the mountain pass to tight technical sectors flying through towns and villages at over 200mph, inches away from walls, lamp posts, pubs and spectators. This type of race demands not only a unique mentality to deal with the psychological pressure of staying that focused in such an extreme scenario, but a reliable machine tuned to the riders' preference offering accurate feedback, prolonged tyre duration with maximum grip and confidence-inspiring handling that will allow the rider to push the bike to the limits; this is why the top motorcycle racers in the world choose K-Tech Suspension.

Since the early 2000’s K-Tech have been providing on-hand support to riders such as John McGuinness who set off for the 100th time at the TT, Ian Hutchinson, known for winning all 5 TT races in 1 week in 2010, Jenny Tinmouth, the fastest female around the course and many many more over the years. During this time the K-Tech Race Support team have gathered data and feedback to refine the set-up accordingly to suit the needs of riders. This relationship has resulted in the brand producing the most advanced motorcycle suspension systems on the market; the K-Tech KTR-5 and the TRDS shock.

These systems offer the most sensitive and reactive feedback through the bike to the rider. The elimination of suspension hysteresis gives the rider that unfair advantage over competitors especially at the TT race as the response time is reduced providing an instant feel through the bars. Click here to learn more about the K-Tech Through Rod Damping Systems.

This year at the IOM TT, K-Tech riders made history. Conor Cummins with Padgetts set the fastest lap ever on a Honda Fireblade on the 30th anniversary of the machine and ended up on the podium for the senior TT race. Up-and-coming star Davey Todd demonstrated outstanding confidence and maturity for his 3rd ever TT, taking P3, P4 in the SuperSport and P4 in the Senior TT. Lee Johnston also bagged a silver medal on his SuperTwin fitted with K-Tech Suspension.

We look forward to welcoming new K-Tech athletes throughout the season and hopefully seeing more outstanding results at the 2023 Isle of Man TT!