Daytona 200 - 2022

06 July 2022
Paasch lowres

K-Tech win Daytona 200 with TOBC Racing

Brandon Paasch secured his second Daytona 200 win in a row in a nail-biting finish at Florida’s notorious raceway on March 12th 2022.

Brandon Paasch and Danny Eslick with the TOBC Racing team both ran a combination of K-Tech’s DDS Pro shocks and forks with TRDS internals at this event, giving them the vital tire endurance that saved them precious seconds in the pits, resulting in Paasch taking the win by 0.71 of a second.

This type of race tests our suspension systems differently from most races as the endurance element is crucial as teams are only allowed to pit twice for either fuel, tires or repairs. The K-Tech race support team had to optimise a setup before the race began as there is no time for mid-race adjustments. The suspension needed to suit the rider’s racing style, offer a refined and precise feel as usual but also distribute weight effectively through bike geometry and spring stiffness; too soft and the tires are subjected to more weight fluctuations thus more wear, too stiff and the tire will spin during hard acceleration or braking. K-Tech TRDS internals offered the racers super sensitive tire feedback meaning they could confidently tell how much grip they had left and decide whether they needed fresh rubber or not.

During the final few miles of the 2022 Daytona 200, Brandon Paasch had the lead but was running on fumes; Brandon flew into the pits with just enough tire to last the rest of the race and was able to stop only for a few seconds to get enough gas to reach the finish line.

Brandon paced himself in 4th position for the final few laps to save fuel and tires before unleashing the Triumph in a last-second push for the line, dropping to the inside of the bank taking 3rd place overtaking Hayes, before cutting along the outside of Morais and Peterson to take the win.