03 December 2021
TRDS Shock web gallery 3

Next-generation motorcycle suspension developed side by side with the K-Tech R&D team and some of the most renowned superbike riders on the planet.

The innovative new TRDS shock and forks deliver next-level feel with refined turning whilst on the throttle, plush response to bumps, better feel at the bottom end of the stroke, increased stability under braking, improved tyre movement control and confidence-inspiring stability over a wide range of temperatures.

The TRDS shock and forks will be built in limited numbers and squarely aimed at racers wanting that unfair advantage. (K-Tech TRDS systems are engineered from aircraft-grade materials with meticulous attention to quality and precision whilst the lightened Kashima coating gives that factory look from every angle.

The official launch date is currently not set for the TRDS.

Availability will be very limited as the TRDS is aimed squarely at the highest end of competition and production will be low volume due to the nature of this kit.

If you are interested in the TRDS then please get in touch with the K-Tech team for further details.