The belief to break from the pack.


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For over 20 years, K-tech suspension has been creating world leading motorcycle suspension.

About us
Built for belief.
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Belief, built in.

The K-Tech R&D team are passionate about constant development and innovation, meaning we are always pushing new boundaries.


We’re passionate and confident and we're not afraid to live it.


We offer outstanding service and a reliable after service so riders and business owners can experience the best.


Our knowledge is second to none and we love to share it. We’re committed to being one step ahead and have done for over 20 years.

Striving for Better

We live this in our product and service. We're all about the marginal gains and competing at the very highest levels.


It’s guaranteed.

Need we say more?


This doesn’t mean cheap means we invest time, R&D, materials and service in each and every product.


We’re proactive and always striving for the next big thing - it’s against our nature to settle for good.

Dependable & Honest

We’re reliable for product and always for service. We always show up and give 100%.

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We invest in our team so they can be their best at what they do.

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Our service is second to none, giving customers an experience that matches the quality of our product.

What our customers are saying.