Suspension Servicing - A guide

21 February 2022
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Whether you’re a professional motorcycle racer, an avid all year-round commuter or an off-road enthusiast, servicing your suspension is vital for maintaining performance, longevity and overall integrity of your motorcycle.

As oil rushes past the complex suspension parts during compression and rebound, the frequent heat and kinetic pressure put on the oil caused fluid to fatigue and lubrication properties to change; this will strongly affect handling and reactivity properties of the forks or shocks. Changing the oil with the correct viscosity for your bike is the first step to keeping your suspension working like it did out of the box.

As you ride, seals around the suspension are subject to friction and stress. These are consumable parts that over time won’t provide protection from the elements like they once did. When seals start to wear, your oil may become contaminated with salt, dirt and water from outside; this will then cause overall performance to decline as well as causing excessive wear to the internals. As part of a suspension service, authorised K-Tech service centres will replace seals, bushes and shims to ensure oil flow is optimum and seals are still preventing contamination.

During the servicing process, a trained technician will disassemble the suspension systems and thoroughly inspect each part to check for abnormal wear or damages caused by frequent bottoming out, lack of servicing or just age-related wear and tear; standard parts like oil and seals will be replaced and anything more serious will be bought to your attention to ensure safety and to prevent further damages.

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