The Ultimate guide to an Unfair Advantage

30 June 2022

Vastly improving your suspension performance doesn’t always mean you need to fork out on a new shock or cartridge kit; although these kits offer the greatest improvements, there’s a range of cost-effective upgrades you can make that will transform your motorcycle and vastly improve your riding.

Entry-level improvements start with replacing the original coils for K-Tech springs and setting up your suspension correctly. Choosing a correct spring is the most basic and effective way to individualise your bike, as from the factory, motorcycles come with standard springs with settings that won’t necessarily suit the individual’s weight. Rider SAG is how much the shock compresses under your body weight; an optimal SAG setting will allow the individual to utilise the entire stroke of the shock to avoid both bottoming out and topping out when used. Too little preload and the bike will lack responsiveness and react slowly to bumps and dips; too much preload and the bike will feel skittish and struggle to grip under harsh acceleration (rear). Using a K-Tech spring, suited to your weight and set correctly will mean the bike is more balanced and predictable over bumps, jumps and dips.

Although this upgrade can be done at home by savvy hobbyists, we recommend contacting an authorised K-Tech service centre to order and set up your suspension components as they have the tools, expertise and knowledge to carry out the work correctly. Click here to find your nearest.

The next level of suspension improvement would come from a system service. Most riders opt to have their suspension sprung and serviced at the same time. Click here to learn more about suspension servicing and how it can improve your riding. For the more advanced rider looking to refine their ride further or need something even more capable, the next step would be to upgrade your cartridge and piston kits. Click here to learn more about the ultimate off-road motorcycle upgrade.

For road riders, there are a whole host of high-performance upgrades developed from years of experience working with the world's top motorcycle riders available. Explore the K-Tech road range by clicking here